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We have created an entire online platform called Campus 101 so you can learn how to do Campus Ministry. It's designed to give every athlete, coach and volunteer a place to go and learn about what FCA campus ministry is and, more importantly, how to do it effectively. 

campus 101

Start a Huddle!

FCA can help you many ways. Most campuses have FCA staff close by who are available for training and support. In addition, we provide many resources for your Campus Ministry. To get started:

    • Pray.
    • Contact your local FCA staff. They can give you a better understanding of FCA and the campus ministry and answer questions. To contact them, or call 1-800-289-0909.
    • Complete the Ministry Leader Application form. This can be obtained through local staff or visit
    • Certify your campus. Use the Campus Ministry Certification Form in this brochure or visit
    • Identify student leaders and coaches. Identify those who are more likely to be leaders and volunteer their time.
    • Hold an organizational meeting. Have a meeting with those who want to learn more about FCA.
Review Resources: We provide everything you need to succeed in our Campus Ministry Kit. Our Campus Ministry Kit includes:
  • The Huddle Playbook - includes FCA information, basic training and resources.
  • The FCA Athlete's Bible - includes options for more than 25,000 Huddle meetings.
  • The DVD/CD Combo - contains video-enhanced Bible studies, Ministry Planner and training.
  • Sharing the Victory Magazine - enjoy nine issues per year.

For questions, contact

Tim Hill

434.525.7548 or

Daily Impact Play

Interested in volunteering with FCA? 

To get started click the green button above and fill out a Ministry Leader Application.

Campus Ministry Opportunities:

  • The Campus Huddle is typically a weekly meeting where athletes from all sports come together for bible study, fellowship, encouragement, and to discover ways to honor God through sports.
  • Team Bible studies are led by student-athletes during their season with other teammates who have a desire to grow in their faith.
  • Coaches also gather for Coach Bible studies throughout the year, typically weekly or every other week.
  • Character Coaches / Team Chaplains are a growing part of Campus Ministry where volunteers come along side a team during the season and develop relationships with the players, teach character and leadership principles, and often do pre-game talks and voluntary prayer.
  • One Way 2 Play Drug-Free is a secular school assembly program that encourages students to live healthy lives and make positive life choices.
  • Fields of Faith is a peer-to-peer event in October where students invite their classmates and teammates to hear fellow students share their testimonies, be challenged to read the Word of God, and follow Jesus Christ.

What is a Huddle Coach?

A Huddle Coach is a coach, faculty member or volunteer who feels led to assist the student leaders in organizing and carrying out the FCA programs and activities on the campus. A Huddle Coach will fill many roles, but the most important quality in the Huddle Coach is their commitment to seeing lives of student-athletes change through Jesus Christ.

Who can participate?

While athletes and coaches are the target, the FCA Campus Ministry does not place those requirements on the participants. The framework and materials provided focus on the common ground of athletics, but as the athletes grow in their faith, those athletes may desire to reach out to the entire student body.